A combination of the following gases is very often used:

  • Oxygen (O2) which in high concentration, inhibits the growth of aerobic microorganisms.
  • Nitrogen (N2) mainly used as a stabilizing gas to maintain the pack volume, e.g. for protection during handling or as transportation packaging.
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) which reacts with water to form carbonic acid, which helps to lower the pH. This atmosphere inhibits the growth of micro-organisms.

Typical pumping system:

Single stage rotary vane pumps or dry screw pumps in combination with Roots blowers. In case of oxygen reinjection, typically used for red meat packaging to enhances the red color, specific vacuum pumps, free of hydrocarbons, with inert oil, and oxygen compatible seals might be required.

MAP Bulk Packaging:

Often referred to as “Snorkle Machines” or “Vacuum Probe Machines”, these machines allow for packaging of multiple pouches simultaneously, or larger bulk pouches of food in a modified atmosphere. Upon evacuation of air, an O2 and CO2 gas mixture is introduced into the pouch (modified atmosphere) and then heat-sealed automatically.

Typical pump range is single stage 10 to 65 m3. h-1

Pump temperature


Heavy duty operation (cycles)


Dust / Powder / Particules