Meat can then be loaded into a stuffing machine for creating sausages or deli meats. Additional de-aeration (vacuum processing) is necessary during stuffing for further binding and product density. Machines available may incorporate multiple aforementioned applications or can be delivered for an individual application. Typical pump range is single stage 100 to 630 m3. h-1. Leybold products sold include SOGEVAC.

Vacuum cutting is mainly used in meat processing industries (sausages makers). It provides a firm emulsion free of air and reduces the volume by 5-7% at constant weight. This saves packaging costs and less casings are needed. It betters the texture, improves hygiene, reduces product oxidation but also allows to get a more effective absorbing and seasoning.

Typical pumping system:

Small rotary vane pumps

Pump temperature


Heavy duty operation (cycles)


Dust / Powder / Particules