Oil-sealed vacuum solutions  for standard duty

Oil-sealed vacuum solutions for standard duty

Furnace processes such as hardening, tempering or annealing do not cause high application loads for the vacuum pumps. These only have to evacuate the initial air filling of the vacuum furnace plus the contained moisture. On top of this only small amounts of impurities, e.g. released by the insulation materials or the product surface need to be handled.

Pump systems based on oil-sealed rotary vane pumps in combination with Roots pumps are the industry standard for all processes with such moderate process loads.

User example:
Hardening and tempering of shafts and gearwheels The challenge of the application is
low because the vacuum system has to cope mainly with the initial air and moisture content of the furnace as well as small amounts of impurities.

RUTA pump system with rotary vane vacuum pumps of the SOGEVAC series, combined with Roots pumps of the RUVAC WA-, WS- or WH-series. For this application, the use of oil-sealed rotary vane pumps is economically the best choice, as the pumps are not exposed to major loads.
For use in applications with higher particle loads, the combination with dust filters makes sense.