Our Values

Our core values are interaction, commitment and innovation. Find out more about how we follow our core values in our day-to-day work.


Continuous exchange and good cooperation - even across hierarchies, countries and company boundaries - play a very important role, especially in our decentralized organization as part of the Atlas Copco Group.

Only together can we achieve our ambitious goals! We therefore take it as a sign of maturity when a colleague asks for help.

After all, challenges can be tackled quickly and directly this way. If obstacles arise, we trust that they will be addressed openly and are not hidden. We have great trust in our employees and always treat each other with respect.


We work with passion and always keep the customer focus in mind as well as the people we work with.

For us, lifelong learning and knowledge sharing are part of the personal development of all colleagues. A wide range of training and further education programs convey professional know-how and develop basic skills even further. Each individual takes responsibility for their own personal development. Nevertheless, we are very proud that our managers support the professional development of their employees. In this way, the personal development of each and every employee is systematically promoted.


We encourage initiatives and ideas from our employees, because we know that there is always a better way. We are aware that the world is continuously changing. As a technology company we think ahead and encourage change in order to remain at the forefront of competition. Nevertheless, we maintain our standards, such as outstanding quality and safety. Our aim is to continuously improve our processes and products in line with these standards.