The know-how on the use of vacuum within manufacturing and production is often limited. Our articles help to understand how vacuum can contribute to a better life.

A multitude of every day products rely on vacuum processes and are manufactured in a vast variety of applications

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    • Noise Reduction in Laboratories - Optimized Vacuum Solutions

      Noise Reduction in Laboratories - Optimized Vacuum Solutions

      Modern vacuum pumps allow researchers to bring vacuum even closer to where it is needed with the use of variable frequency drive and non-contacting vacuum generators. Read more about dry vacuum !

    • Vacuum Challenges for Ion Thruster Testing

      Vacuum Challenges for Ion Thruster Testing

      Article by Dr. Stefan Lausberg Electrical propulsion is the keyword for nowadays movement of space vehicles. Ionized particles, usually xenon ions, are accelerated by thrusters in an electric field

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      Leybold Interview to Rovagnati S.p.A.

      Pioneering dry vacuum technology keeps Food Packaging and Processing lines running at all times! Rovagnati S.p.A. trust in Leybold vacuum solutions for their production processes

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      Dry vacuum pumps in moulding technologies

      The majority of products in thermosetting material are produced with vacuum moulding technologies. Advantages using vacuum ? Interview to NTS.

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      SOGEVAC in maple sap collection

      Amazing what vacuum technology can do. When you enjoy your maple sirup in the morning, guess what helped collecting the juice?

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      Millenium Steel Issue

      Vacuum solutions for metallurgy . Steel degassing optimization with modern vacuum technology enhances productivity and decreases operating costs.

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      Vacuum Baking

      Crispy, fluffy baked goods, short baking times, rapid cooling and tolerable ambient temperatures? Baking and cooling under vacuum makes it possible. Read more...