Oil-free Scroll Vacuum Pumps - FLEXIBLE. ROBUST. SIMPLE.
You won't find a more robust dry compressing scroll pump in the vacuum market!

The new Leybold SCROLLVAC plus family is designed to maintain performance and reliability in most demanding applications. One of the reasons is that the bearings are completely separated from the pumping mechanism which assures zero contamination.

  • Pump versions in the range covering pumping speeds of 7, 10, 15 and 18 m3/h
  • Latest in tip seal technology giving significantly longer periods between tip seal changes, typically 2.5 years, to maximize up-time and productivity
  • No contaminated waste oil to dispose of, eliminating the need for costly disposal and used oil recycling
  • Low noise at < 55 dB(A) for a quiet work/laboratory environment

Completely oil-free vacuum pumps for use in diverse applications. From analyticall processes like surface analysis or electron beam melting.  Also suitable as backing pump for turbomolecular systems.

Contact us for more information on the SCROLLVAC plus range today and find out how why Leybold is the leader in vacuum technolgy.   

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  • SCROLLVAC plus

    Completely oil free vacuum pumps following the scroll compressor function principle.