Pump fluids for oil diffusion pumps must exhibit a low vapor pressure at room temperature and must be able to resist thermal decomposition and oxidization to a large extent. Surface tension of the pump fluids must be high to reduce creep of oil films. They must be chemically inert, exhibit a high flash point and evaporation heat must be low. Moreover, the pump fluids should permit high pumping speeds over a wide range of pressures and be cost effective.

One type of pump fluid alone cannot meet these comprehensive requirements. It is therefore required to select a pump fluid according to the operating pressure and the requirements of the application in each case.

Mineral oil (LEYBONOL LVO 500)

Our mineral oil for diffusion pumps has closely toleranced fractions of a high quality base product distilled with particular care. LVO 500 is our standard diffusion pump oil for applications in a high vacuum with a good thermal stability.

Silicone oil (LEYBONOL LVO 521)

LVO 521 is our new high-purity silicone oil solution and contains a special silicon to help you to get the best performance from your pump in high and ultra-high vacuum applications. It has a high thermal stability and is highly resistant to oxidation and decomposition. Our premium oil is the perfect replacement for the discontinued but widely-used Dow Corning oils (DC 704 and 705).

Special hydrocarbon oil (LEYBONOL LVO 540)

Our new developed formula of LVO 540 for oil vapour jet pumps has an extendet oil lifetime and improved temperature stability. It is thermally and chemically highly resistant and excels through a high degree of oxidation resistance. It delivers the essential high pumping speed of the vapour jet pumps in the medium vacuum range.


    Diffusion Pump Oil