Vacuum gauges must be calibrated at regular intervals. Setting the devices to an initial value is an important component of quality assurance. Calibrated gauges are particularly used where high requirements are made on reproducibility and compatibility and also on the quality of testing processes; but also if a clear reference is required for lots of existing pressure measurement devices.

The CS calibration systems from Leybold also enable customers to check and calibrate the defined and required measurement accuracy of their vacuum gauges themselves – in compliance with the standards of the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS).

Since 1981 we have been calibrating all makes of gauges and sensors independently for customers. A DAkkS calibration certificate or factory calibration certificate is issued for the calibration process. However, devices with inadequate long-term stability or for measurement principles which are unsuitable for calibration cannot be calibrated.

  • Calibration systems

    Calibration systems CS of Leybold allow customers to calibrate their gauges themselves.