For the use of the two to three-stage dry compressing "DS" and "RUTA" pump systems, we combine the time-tested DRYVAC and SCREWLINE backing pumps with RUVAC WA(U), WS(U), WH(U) and RA.

A single flow layout can achieve pumping speeds of 250 to 16,000 m³/h. Higher pumping speeds can be achieved by arranging pumps in parallel. The achievable working pressures are defined by the number of pump stages or parallel pump systems.

  • DRYVAC Systems

    The 2 to 3 stage dry sealed „RUTA“ pump systems are equipped with DRYVAC and SCREWLINE as fore pump combined with RUVAC WA(U), WS(U), WH(U) and RA pumps.

  • SCREWLINE Pump systems

    SCREWLINE Adaptor and Frame Version