To find the total leak rate of a specimen, the test layout is generally the same as that for local leak detection. Just a few adjustments are required to the layout: for example the customized specimen is also surrounded by a hermetically sealed test chamber filled with test gas.

In contrast to the standard method, the entire surface of the specimen comes into contact with the gas so that the leak rate is measured regardless of the number of leaks.

A special adapter is developed for the test item. We design this adapter in a way that the leak tests on the various components can be carried out easily, reliably and in large quantities.

To ensure the technical and financial feasibility of your individual test conditions, our contacts are available to you during the calculation and planning phase with all their expertise. Our range of services includes feasibility studies to back up your decision in terms of economy and technical feasibility.

However, since these days it is not all just about making measurements but also about the documentation and interpretation of your test results, our extensive experience makes us the perfect partner for you in this situation.