PET extruder degassing

PET extruder degassing

Modern vacuum solutions for extruder degassing

PET delivers a wide range of product and process benefits and is now used in a wide range of sectors. The main factor behind this is the fact that the material is recyclable, but there are also economic and material criteria. The requirements for this thermoplastic to develop its full material properties are wrapped up in the PET production process.

Since customers have long relied on our vacuum systems for extruder degassing, we have a massive amount of experience in this application. The manufacturers of PET extruders benefit from our effective solutions for an efficient degassing process. Dry mechanical Leybold pumps are absolutely reliable and ensure that the systems have a long service life.

Rising environmental awareness and the increased use of recycled PET are resulting in steadily growing requirements on degassing systems and the vacuum systems used for this purpose. To minimize maintenance requirements, we use dry pumps which require no operating media. Our vacuum solutions are designed so that we achieve above average service lives.

The use of standard pumps in various combinations therefore enables us to meet the highest requirements at low cost. 
In doing so, we give due consideration to the primary situation facing the customer, namely the ability to complete the cleaning work in-house. The use of dry pre-vacuum pumps with a removable pump chamber means that we can deliver this in user-friendly form.